Excerpt from Interlude (2016) 52′ – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
In 2012 I founded with Jiulian Gonçalves the duo Post, an important representative of both the post-punk and contemporary music scenes in Brazil. Our band was a means to convey, or rather, sonify the embodiment of  feminisms, politics and affect in our lives. 
During 2015, we lived in Rio de Janeiro for 6 months, period that unfolded into this collaboration with film director Gabraz Sanna. In 2017, our documentary  was selected to the Berlin Film Festival. The Berlinale Forum – Forum Expanded is a section of the festival brings together essayistic works of cinema, long-term investigations,  documentaries, cinema from countries off the beaten track – everything which goes beyond the mainstream.
The film was exhibited via streaming during May 2020 in a show called “WE MUST HAVE MUSIC”.  Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, responsible for the Forum Expanded, has curated this exhibit investigating archival work, contemporary artistic practice, sonic arts, queer feminisms and global south artists. The 20  films in the show explored soundscapes and music by the Brazilian duo Post, Margarita Fernández, Blixa Bargeld, Throbbing Gristle, Vaginal Davies as well as films exploring musical traditions of Palestine and the Emirates, folk song from Kuwait and the sound of analogue film material.
Director: Gabraz Sanna
Direct sound: Anne Santos
Sound design: Post
Post: Vanessa De Michelis & Jiulian Gonçalves