Vanessa De Michelis is an interdisciplinary sound artist and educator born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, who lives and works in London. Her work consists of soundtrack compositions and live performances bringing into play improvisation, field recording, instrument sampling and live electronics. Collaborative practice is an important element in her work as well as education and the intersectionality with feminism, queer, and women’s groups. 

She has designed multiple workshops in creative technology, hardware hacking, and electronics-music tech in cultural centres, independent spaces, and media/maker labs. Since 2010 these workshops and art works have taken place and been exhibited in multiple festivals, exhibitions and radios across Brazil, Latin America, and Europe.

Vanessa works as a freelance artist and creative technology education consultant. Since 2021, she is also the appointed Outreach and Inclusion Co-ordinator of the eavesdropping festival in London.

Key interests: Creative and Critical Practice, Contemporary Sound in the Arts, Arts and Cultural Policy, Public Funding, Cultural Democracy, Arts Education, Curating and Museum Cultures with a focus on Gender, Feminism and Decolonial Studies.


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AZ RECS – Experimental Music Netlabel (2010-2015)