Micro-Utopias: territories of sonic-political experimentations for inclusion and collaboration

by Rui Chaves  and Vanessa De Michelis (2020)


Brazilian musical and sonic experimentation, despite some occasional exceptions, tends not to promote the existence of institutional or informal spaces that make an affirmative curation of female and non-binary artists. In this sense, the article firstly takes a critical look at the artistic and ethical-political process of author, focusing on her installation work, performance and educational offer, whom we think echoes the concept of micro-utopia (s) proposed by Nicolas Borriaud. After this, the core of the article is an interview conducted in 2016, from where we went through the biographical path of author, its in(disciplinary) approach, but mainly her effort in building a alternative visibility and listening of a work that escapes the general expectations associated with music made by female artists.


Keywords: biography; institutional critique; non-binary performance; sound art; experimental music