I’ve been a bit distant from my usual online presence for the past 2 years or so. The reason is that I had been very busy doing a masters degree at Birkbeck – Unviersity of London. I did not know that pursuing the even the basic levels of this study would consume my entire energy, social and ‘me’ time like that! I went for all or nothing, so, the price of a dintinction was a certain distance from all that busy life rythym that was so familiar to me. Slowly, however, I’m back updating my website and reconnecting with my broader work-social life. Not even speaking about the pandemic-effect yet..

There will soon be updates on artworks and essays that were exhibited and published during the masters and a freshly baked newsletter termly. But for now, I will limit myself to just let you know that I’ve finally boxed, labelled and organised, at least materially, all the knowledge, topic and, in general, new ways of looking at art and work, gained thorugh the masters in Arts Policy, Management and Learning.