Have you always wanted to give creative coding a go but weren’t sure how or where to start? If the answer is yes, then this workshop might be for you!

It will show you how to make simple music beats, textures and melodies using Sonic Pi, a free, open-source, live code software. You’ll be able to experience live coding and learn how to create and develop your sonic ideas, loops, songs and even an entire live set using this code-based tool.

 Join us and discover if live coding is something you or someone in your band-music project could use. 

What you will learn

  • A bit about the context and culture of code-based music.
  • An understanding of how code is used to create computer sounds/music, instruments and perform a live set.
  • Learn the basics steps to start coding beats, synths and loops

Audience: open for all and specially welcoming of woman, trans or non-binary people 18+

Requirements: computer or laptop available for workshop; availability to download and install Sonic Pi before the workshop (instructions will be sent to participants priorly!).

Course Style: basic, casual and concise introduction to live coding.

Level: first timers 

* Please note that this workshop has been created exclusively for the First Timers festival. Make sure you understand the purpose and audience of the First Timers project.  Watch mini-documentary to find out!